The International Sommelier program


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Led by the Université du vin of Suze-la-Rousse the International Sommelier Program is offered to enhance the expertise, critical thinking and service quality of restaurant and wine professionals.

An exclusive training program

• A content covering all aspects of the work of a sommelier: winemaking, wine geography, analytical tasting, service, management and marketing.

• A flexible educational approach consisting of lectures, distance courses, internships and bilingual modules. Because of the international and sanitary context of 2020, the study trip accross Southern French vineyards will be scheduled as soon as we can.

This part-time program has 7 modules spread out over a minimum of one and a half years .

Who can apply to the International Sommelier program?

All restaurant and wine agency professionals (sommelier, restaurant managers, maîtres d’hôtel, importers, retailers etc.), interested in high-level training.

By completing all the modules, the graduated International Sommelier will:
• be able to evaluate the characteristics aspects of the wine industry using a wide range of knowledge and a comprehensive vision of its origins (analytical tasting, gastronomic culture, etc.)
• master the complex techniques of restaurant wine service.
•understand the characteristics, dynamics and players of the different wine and spirits markets from a commercial standpoint.

Which job opportunities?

Sommelier or Chief sommelier, wine business manager, self-employed wine experts, importers etc.In hotel and restaurant business, in high-end hotel groups, importers, distributors or as self-employed.


Anywhere in the world


Language: Courses will be given in English

Location: Université du vin (France)

Eligibility to the International Sommelier program : in the program which will be avaibable in Autumn 2021.

Costs :

  • Tuition fees are fully refundable if students cancel their registration at least 1 month before the first day of the term. Between 1 month and 15 days before the term, tuition fees will be refunded minus a 25% administrative fee ; and before 15 days and the beginning of the class, minus a 50% administrative fee. No refunds will be granted after this date.
  • The Université du vin and the ITHQ reserve the right to cancel a course or program due to insufficient enrolment. In such cases, application and tuition fees are refunded.

NB :

  • Tuition fees include the costs for the course notes and wine samples; however, there are additional costs for books – Please note that living expenses are entirely under the student’s responsibility.
  • All amounts are in €uros including French taxes.
  • The amounts listed may change without notice.

When to Apply?

Enrolment is available until the last working day before the start of each module, subject to acceptance and validation of fundings.

Courses’ dates in France : available Autumn 2021

IMPORTANT : Each module includes distance learning sessions, prior to face-to-face courses. Access to the Université du vin learning platform is subject to payment of the 50% deposit for the module. This access will be effective at the latest 1 month before the beginning of in-class training.

Module 1 : Analytical tasting (8 days) – dates to be confirmedsoon

Module 2 : Viti-vinification (4 days) – dates to be confirmedsoon

Modules 3 : Wine world geography

  • French vineyards: classes – dates to be confirmedsoon
  • European vineyards – Except France – dates to be confirmedsoon
  • World vineyards – except Europe- dates to be confirmedsoon
  • other beverages – dates to be confirmed
  • Study Trip accross the French vineyards – Due to the 2020 international context, we are unable to confirm a fixed Schedule for the Study Trip. We are doing our best to schedule it as soon as we can. 

Module 4 : Food and wine pairings- dates to be confirmed

Module 5 : Elaborate service – dates to be confirmed

Module 6 : Wines and spirits Management & marketing – dates to be confirmed

Module 7 : Internship in a second language- dates to be confirmed

Application process

For any further information, the program will be available in Autumn 2021 – thanks for your patience.

Université du vin
Géraldine GOSSOT,
Directrice de l’Université du vin

ou Lisa Vanon 


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